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Marquese Scott, Dancer

Marquese Scott

Marquese Scott

Marquese Scott

Marquese Scott isn’t even human. He’s a cyborg whose sole purpose is to make you feel hopelessly clumsy just for stubbing your toe this morning. With total control over every muscle in his body, his popping technique demonstrates an insane amount of precision and speed, of which most dancers can only dream. A classic YouTube celebrity, his videos have hit the stratosphere in terms of numbers. The latest count has him with 1,756,173 subscribers, with 350,274,038 views. Yes, that’s over 350 million views. The videos are mainly shot sans editing, with Scott dancing on the fly. The moves literally look like slow motion.

There is a misconception that Scott dances “dubstep” which is a misnomer. The music that Scott dances to is dubstep, a genre of electronic dance music or EDM as it’s known on the street. The actual dance itself is “animation” which is based on popping, though it incorporates multiple dance techniques and different elements such as gliding, waving and tutting.

Scott explains in more detail in Dance Informa Magazine:

When asked how he would define animation to someone who’s never seen it, Marquese said, “Animation can be described as a form of dance that tricks the mind. It makes you think time is somehow being slowed down. There is a strobe light effect where you see flashes of positions but not so much the connecting movement. It makes you feel like you’re in a game of interchanging stops and motions.

It basically boils down to how the music sounds and inspires me. If a sound in the music sounds like water then I try to become water. I try to take on the sound and make it in physical form,” he explains. “If it sounds like glass breaking in a song, then I’ll make a motion like I’m holding a bottle and then it falls and breaks. Water, wind and fire all represent different things – like waves, currents and energy.”


Scott is currently in high demand, with recent gigs in the Netherlands, Spain, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is represented by XCEL Talent Agency.


And for anybody that hasn't never experienced the video that made him famous...