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Woman Proves Diana Gordon Can Fly Solo

Picture of Diana Gordon

Diana Gordon

Imagine that one of the writers and producers off Beyoncé’s epic 6th studio album Lemonade decided to go solo, churning out hits every bit as catchy and anthem-worthy but a little grittier. Add just as captivating and empowering music videos, but with a DIY spin that makes the talent more homegrown and the imagery more provocative, and you’ve got Diana Gordon.

Picture of Diana Gordon

Diana Gordon

Formerly known as Wynter Gordon, she’s actually been around a while, but you’ve probably only heard her songs as performed by other people. Gordon did release her own debut album at the age of 19 way back in 2004, after Atlantic Records offered her a record deal for writing a hit song for Mary J. Blige. But Gordon has predominantly made her name in the years since by penning an impressive slew of hip-hop and R&B hits for artists like Flo Rida, Jennifer Lopez, Danity Kane, and Ciara.

Gordon’s biggest break, however, came in 2016, when she was invited to co-write and produce with Queen B herself on her latest album, Lemonade, which features several of her contributions. Chances are, she’s not going to remain relatively unknown for much longer.

God gave you the answer when he gave you the woman!

Taking advantage of the limelight the Beyoncé collaboration afforded her, Gordon released a brand new single and music video in early December called “Woman,” and it doesn’t disappoint.

Whereas Beyoncé’s feminism tends to profess the strength of women through money and power— shouting “Who run the world? Girls!”, and boasting about the flawlessness of her diamonds—Gordon takes a more earthy, goddess-inspired route. She chooses a group of shirtless pregnant women as the stars of her new video, which praises motherhood and womanhood simultaneously. The song makes references to angels, Venus, and the moon, before singing the enthusiastic chorus, “God gave you the answer when he gave you the woman!”

Regardless of the path she takes as she grows into her own unique persona, it’s clear that Diana Gordon is going places.

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