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The Rival - Upcoming EP Release

Picture of the rival album art, sands

The Rival - Sands

Nashville alt-rock duo The Rival has released the second single, "Wanderer," from its upcoming EP SANDS, out October 7. "Wanderer" is available for purchase and streaming beginning today, along with a pre-order of SANDS at iTunes. Fans that pre-order the EP will receive immediate downloads of "Wanderer" and "My Own Devices."

Picture of Wanderer by The Rival


This independent release via The Love Library marks the second in a trilogy of EP’s The Rival is releasing in 2016 and 2017. Each EP is inspired by three distinct landscapes; waves, sands, and peaks. The first EP, Waves, featured an electronic, synth-heavy, sound that reflected an upbeat summer vibe.

On this next release, Sands showcases some of the most raw and intense tracks Phillip LaRue and Allen Salmon have arranged, relying heavily on searing guitars and crashing drums. Years ago, Phillip LaRue was in an accident and nearly lost lost use of his arm. The injury caused him to question whether he wanted to play music at all, and it wasn’t until he began to regain use of his arm that he realized music would always be a huge part of his life.

As The Rival, Phillip and Allen have two previous releases including 2012’s self-titled debut, and 2014’s Endless EP. The band has seen incredible TV/Film success with its songs used in everything from Apple’s iPhone 5 launch, to commercials for Target, Nike, Sony, Microsoft, and ESPN. Individually, Phillip and Allen have numerous songwriting credits including Phillip’s #1 country hit “Whiskey In My Water” performed by Tyler Farr, plus Allen Salmon’s credits as a producer, mixer, and writer which includes collaborations with MuteMath, Fleurie, Katie Herzig, and Neulore among others.

Cover photo by Jordan Jaquess