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The Ghost Inside and a Real Message

Photo of The Ghost Inside

Photo by Markus Felix

The Ghost Inside and a Real Message

"With my back against the wall, I will rise above them all like this. Coming back against all odds, I stack brick by brick"

Bruised arms, mosh pits, and fans that know all the lyrics—these are three things you’ll see at shows of The Ghost Inside, a metalcore band from Los Angeles, California. Citing hardcore and metal acts like Bane and Killswitch Engage as influences, The Ghost Inside blends the aggression of metallic guitar riffs with crushing breakdowns to create their unique sound and make them a leader in the modern hardcore music scene.

Photo of The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside

Perhaps we can attribute this success to their passion for one of hardcore’s defining traits: authenticity. While many bands seem to be ditching their hardcore roots in favor of the latest music trends, The Ghost Inside remains loyal to their positive message, which encourages staying true to yourself, overcoming life’s struggles, and having the will to never quit.

As frontman Jonathan Vigil explains in the PRP: From their debut album, Fury and the Fallen Ones, to their most recent, Dear Youth, there isn’t a single song in The Ghost Inside’s discography that doesn’t stay true to the message.

“Hardcore to me has never been about a sound. It has always been about a message. The reason I call The Ghost Inside a hardcore band is because I believe in our songs. I believe in what we do. I believe that we are doing this band for all the right reasons. That's why it's so important to me to let people know what our songs are about. In the chance that they hear the message, and it sparks something inside them.”


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