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Senator-Tiny Monsters-Premier Exclusive Stream

Photo of Senator album cover


There’s something in the water in Austin Texas. The artists that spring from that fertile soil have the pedigree of musical thoroughbreds. Some like Willie, Stevie and Janis don’t even need a last name.  Van Zandt and Ely don’t need a first name. And stalwart performers like Lucinda Williams, Carolyn and Ian Moore need no introduction.

Photo of Senator


If you say you’re from Austin, then you better bring the Thunder.

Senator (aka Howard Baker) is from Austin and brings the thunder, along with the rain, wind and hail. Raised in a musical family with a wide range of influences that includes Nirvana and Beck, his debut EP, Tiny Monsters drops March 10th.

“Each song on the album has a story and represents a different topic,” Senator remarked about his forthcoming project. “I tried to take the darkest aspects of life and turn them into something beautiful on this album.” The 6-track debut EP features credits from Eric Broyhill (Senses Fail, Tycho, Crosses †††) and production credits from Baker himself. Of the forthcoming EP, idobi Radio remarked, “The project of Howard Baker will be tugging at your heart strings, and your stereo’s replay button.”

From Eric Koenig's review:

Tiny Monsters is the most appropriate name for this EP. A collection of 7 prime-rib cuts of something between Rock, Post-Grunge, and Crooner epic, this often has the feeling of being an album in artistic ambition and songwriting. Produced with a soundstage as wide as a prairie. Razor-sharp electric guitar melodies, expansive keyboards, synthesizers, vibes and a healthy dollop of Musique Concrete a la Radio transmissions, all chime over Baker’s delicate vocal lines which float dead center in the swirl of this all-in composition style.

The ambition is admirable and often staggering. From the minimalist flourishes of “Lost Again” with vibes and guitars mimicking each other over fat bass; to songs like “Falling Out” which could fit comfortably on an Incubus album; to “Breathless” which feels like the next Indie Anthem coming to a theater near you, there is a sense of grandeur and expansiveness to each of the tracks that scream of Baker’s potential and songwriting ability.

Check out the stream, it's exclusive, it's a premier and it's cool.