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Five Tracks on the Rawckus Turntable

Photo of creative turntable

Creative turntable

An artist’s early days often provides the purest of passions. The same goes for indie music. Here at Rawckus, we indulge in these seedlings, studying them from root to fruit. This month, these five singles snagged our attention, with sounds from new wave to electro-pop to punk.

“Sniper” by Selfoss

If you could read a broken heart like a diary, the words would be written in verses and the journal’s title would be “Sniper – Selfoss.” The track from Selfoss’ Time and Time Again EP takes the listener on a slow journey, mixing echoing synths with sluggish bass tones and soft lead licks. The song warns about waiting on the right opportunity to find love and happiness—or waiting too long.

The three-piece trio from Toronto described the song a “classic love song,” noting in a profile blurb: “Just like a trained sniper takes their spot and waits for days to take the perfect shot, the song touches on the subject of loneliness while waiting for the perfect person. We let so many opportunities for love and happiness go by waiting for that perfect person. And when the chance to meet that person presents itself, just like a sniper, we have one shot to capture the moment and make that person ours.”


“Slip Away” by Raw Fabric

Listening to Raw Fabric’s “Slip Away,” I couldn’t help but be reminded of Muse; the fat, distorted bass lines from the song complemented by the lead singer’s fuck it attitude truly reminded me of when I first heard “Hysteria.”

Yet, “Slip Away” is packaged without Muse’s sharp lead rips, instead focusing on a chaotic style that personifies the lead singer Jack Bruno’s personal story. The chaotic sound of the bass line leads the song, allowing the melodic guitar to emerge during the chorus, perfectly personifying the chaos of Bruno’s trials and tribulations with the lines, “I’m just trying to catch a break, but life keeps making it slip away.”


“Mad for You” by Eliza

Among Eliza’s musical influences are the genres of electro pop and upbeat R&B. To be more precise with the genres, there’s definitely a touch of Britney Spears in her song “Mad for You.” With a bubbly intro complemented by her soft-tempered voice, the track jumps into an upbeat chorus where she chants, “I would go mad if you make me wait for you.” Quite catchy, the chorus is definitely one you will hear loop in your head long after the song’s conclusion.

Despite her indie status, Eliza’s music is well produced, and new listeners could easily confuse her for a major record label artist.


“Sophie” by Knifey

This is the fun one; Knifey’s “Sophie” starts off like a group of Californian kids running down the beach, evicting their clothes as they go, and jumping right into the water and catching waves. Don’t understand what that means? Listen to the song and everything, including life, will make sense.

As it turns out Knifey is based in California, and “Sophie” was intended to promote simplicity. With every verse that comes like a rebel yell, every time I hear the singer shout “23”, I remember that life isn’t so bad, and that it’s okay to be young and careless.

For comparisons, imagine The Strokes on a surfboard.


“Thinking about You” by Marga Lane

Ever found yourself circled by your closest friends as you discussed that amazing person you just met while drinking mocha lattes in a rustic café somewhere? Any kind of relation to this makes Marga Lane’s “Thinking About You” perfect for you and some more.

The song is simple: Lane’s melodic vocals, bare fingers picking on guitar strings, and a gospel of “Ooo” softening the quiet background as she reflects on someone very special in her life. Lovely.