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Doug Stanhope, the comedian's comedian

Doug Stanhope Rawckus CuratedDoug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope has been the beer-bellied, smoke-saturated, dive bar poet of the comedy underground for nearly three decades. Despite his cynical persona made up of despicably funny tirades aimed at everything from having children to running marathons for the cure, he has an impressive resume of showbiz chops, from hosting The Man Show with Joe Rogan, to boozing around the country with Girls Gone Wild. Stanhope’s self-published book, entitled Fun With Pedophiles: The Best of Baiting sums up his position as the drunken moderator between the debauched and the hilarious.

As Stanhope is on our top 10 favorite comedians list, it’s enlightening to learn who is on his list. In a Time Out London piece on comedians’ favorite comedians, his picks are expectedly eclectic and insightful. Listing diverse and underground comics such as Andy Andrist and Neil Hamburger are not surprising, he’s toured with Andrist for years and has extolled his virtues on his website repeatedly, however his pick of Steve Rannazzisi may be tongue in cheek. Rannazzisi, an actor on The League recently admitted to pretending to be a 9/11 survivor and actually escaping from the burning towers, which makes him a special kind of asshole. We all lie, it’s part of our humanness, however some lies cross the line and put you in the “Lying Sack O Shit.” category. Listing Rannazzisi as favorite would be something that Stanhope would do. Which is why we love him.

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