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Picture of Birdtalker's album cover

Birdtalker "Heavy"

Nashville alternative group Birdtalker has revealed an acoustic performance of its breakout single, "Heavy." Nashville Lifestyles premiered the video commenting, "Adding a special layer of intimacy to the song, Birdtalker releases an acoustic video version with videographer Gavin Nutt..." As the first single released from Birdtalker and the lead single from the band's forthcoming EP, "Heavy" has amassed nearly 900k plays at Spotify since releasing on June 24. The group's debut EP, Just This, was released on August 19, followed by an EP release show at The High Watt in Nashville on 9/1. Opening the show was Great Peacock, along with Austin Manuel.

Picture of Birdtalker


Just This, was recorded in Nashville at Glass Onion Recording Studio with co-producers JD Tiner (Erin Rae) and Dan Fernandez (Great Peacock). Birdtalker began with Zack and Dani Green, a newlywed couple, writing a few songs together in their spare time. Friends in Nashville began to take notice, and the duo quickly grew into a five-piece. In its brief time performing together Birdtalker has had notable appearances opening for The Strumbellas, Escondido and Marc Scibilia.

In an interview with Family Wash, Zack explains the foundation for their musical roots:

"We had never really even sung a song together, except maybe in the car very gently and in a silly manner. I was on the couch in our one bedroom apartment writing a song that was pretty terrible, or melodramatic rather. The motive for writing the song was not cathartic at all, but more imitative. She [Dani] is an English major and I am not, so I asked her to help me write the song. We finished the song that night, and I thought, “Damn, that felt really good.”

Check out the Live in Nashville version of "Heavy" -