Tom Waits in a tree

By Jean-Baptiste Mondino

"We Support and Empower The Artists and Musicians Who Have The Courage To Follow Their Passion"

The artistic gatekeepers of popular culture have been crushed in a triumphant coup d’etat and left to a withering self perpetrated death. Their bodies have been buried under an avalanche of independent films; self produced records and YouTube channels with millions of viewers.

This leaves today’s musicians, poets, painters, writers, dancers, filmmakers, and other inspired peeps free to imagine, create and distribute whatever the fuck they want.

We love that.

For the first time in history, artists have instant and widespread access to their audience. If you want to make a film, buy a Canon 5D and some editing software and go make one. If you want to make a record, get ProTools and voilà. No more movie studio, no more record company. Get used to it big business, there’s a new world order: the content is free, immediate and shareable.

We support the artists who make art for you. Whether it's a big name, or the artesian trying to find an audience, if it’s cool, we’ll run it. Enjoy.